"Cat Activity Fun Board"

These practical CAFB is made of unbreakable, high quality plastic. You can put it in to the washing machine and even disinfect it.


It is designed in a way, so that the cat cannot throw it dawn (without any big effort).


The mass is 30 x 40cm and the weight 1,5 kg.
These CAFB is equipped with five modules, which cover different preferences of cats.

The “Cat Activity Fun Board” is suitable for all cats’ breeds.


The 5 Modules:

The degree of difficulty of the five modules cannot generally be classified under “simple“ or “difficult”!
Depending upon the size of the cat and their preferences and its experience, the modules present themselves differently with difficulty.
With small cats the difficulty is particularly in the height of the module.
With big cats the difficulty is particularly in the distances of the module structure.
The module covers five of the cats’ preferences to play.Therefore each cat prefers different modules.

Alley Module:


Even small cats can capture their goodies on this module because they get well between the courses with their small paws and can even take out their goodies while lying down.
For big inexperienced cats it is much more difficult.


Big animals have to learn to rotate their paws to get through the courses. Cats with a lot of hair have it very difficult. Some of the cats like to use their claws.

Have the animals once found out how to lead their paws, it will be easy for big Maine Coon Cats and also for small Abyssinians.






Peg Module:


As well as for big and small cats these cones offer obstacles. To take out a goody it must be touched mostly more than one time to carry it out.


Cats who like the open modules will love it.
Ruthless cats will learn to be patient. Each animal has its one time.

You can select the goodies with intelligent cats so the difficulty to get a goody is bigger.

Dry food is easy to take out for cats that are practised. Humid shrimps or turkey will stick on the board. A lot of cats will take their claws as a help so they can train their skills.




by Foto Art

Tunnel Element:

This module nearly all cats like. The “mouse hole effect “ is very interesting and stimulating to take out the hidden goodies or toys.

Some animals like to lurk at the opening.
Other cats like to stow things in the game.For big and small it’s a very interesting module.


Cut an empty kitchen roll diagonally on one side.Than you hold the diagonal side in the tunnel element and put in the goodies.


by Foto Art


Globe Module: (you can take off the globes)

Transparent articles are a special challenge for cats.

Cat beginners you can observe, how they first paw beside instead of in the globe.
Small cats have it very easy here, because they can put their small paws in the globe and take the things out.


Big cats are sometimes clumsy, particularly when they have a lot of hair. They solve it in different ways.

Some cats first lick their paws and then they touch the ground of the globe or they stand on a goodie. Particularly dry goodies will stick on their damp hairs. Now the cats can take it out with a small effort.
Because of their long hair some of the animals learn to take out the goodies by stirring and swinging and with help of their hair.





by Foto Art

Tongue Module:

Here you can put a lot of different smells, like goodies in a liquid or paste form. Two different kind of depresses are available. This module is built that the whisks of cats don’t get in the way.
The cats learn to use their thongs.
It’s interesting to see how the animals start to use their nose when you offer them different tastes. Precisely the cats take out the things they like and other goodies have to wait.
When you put different smells the cat will take their sense of smell, to take out better goodies for itself.
Especially cats that don’t really like goodies will come on their costs. The animals can sniff around the container, without having to eat something. They learn interesting and exciting experiences.

In this module you don’t just put in toys!


by Foto Art


A fantastic “smell bar” can be made, when you put in a lot of goodies

Is your cat finish with playing – 

you have to clean your Cat Activity Fun Board regularly!


If you wash the board in the dishwasher its worth to take out the ball elements and wash it by hand. They will stay longer transparent.